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Talk therapy

At some point in all our lives we reach a place of indecision, resistance or dilemma. Whatever the issue we sometimes find the more we internalize it, dwell on the details and strive for solutions on our own, we find ourselves deeper in the problem then when we first started. Sometimes all we need is a spark of light. 


My Talk Therapy offers simple yet powerful solutions. The assistance I am giving stems from a place of complete neutrality and complete positive perspective. A perspective without judgments, concerns, doubts, fears or "you should"s. My solutions, my suggestions, are based on conviction, intuition and personal experience. Guidance from a higher perspective rather than gathered information from books and studies.


There are not many words I can find to describe the shift that occurs when we release ourselves from resistant thoughts, judgments and painful memories and simply allow in a fresh perspective and new ideas to take their place. I find the people who participate in talk therapy sessions felt they were just drawn to this process and feel it was meant to be. Perhaps after reading this you might be feeling a spark of interest or hope or may know of someone who could benefit from spiritual guidance or a shift in alignment.


When resistance stops, wellness flows….


Burst of Light

" Sometimes all we need is a spark of light "