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BBM Wellness

A mindfulness approach to full body wellness and weight loss


This is not your average health program. Each wellness student is involved in the creating process of their personal program allowing it to be specially designed for their individual preferences and needs. On your program you will find that boredom quickly disappears and feelings of being constantly challenged by dietary restrictions will be replaced by inspiration to make your own body conscious food choices.


Our mindfulness approach allows releasing unwanted weight to become effortless. We bring together ancient practices such as meditation along with new modern business techniques such as AGILE and progress becomes unstoppable. Take the journey in changing the way you see health and fitness, you no longer have to feel like you are torturing yourself to get the body you are wanting. Changing the way you think and feel about your body is a life altering step that will  give you results that can and will last a lifetime. 


Releasing weight is a big component of our teachings but let us not forget the whole body wellness that we are all wanting for ourselves as well. Adapting a more holistic way of eating along with vitamins and herbs can go a long way in allowing health to return to your cells. In our practice we treat many ailments and we emphasize to our students to make our teachings a family affair. Our children have just as much to gain as us adults from making healthier choices. 


Some of the ailments we address include, but not limited to:


  • Asthma 

  • Allergies (food and environmental) 

  • Vitamin/ mineral deficiency

  • Thyroid problems

  • Skin Rashes and irritations 

  • Cellulite 

  • Cysts/ Lymphatic cysts

  • Irritable Bowel

  • Leaky Gut

  • Autoimmune disorders 

  • Menstrual problems -

  • Food cravings 

  • Menopause symptoms

  • Arthritis/ joint or muscle pain

  • Sleep problems

  • Low energy

  • Decreased sex drive

  • Anxiety and depression 


  • Behavioral problems in children 

  • Stomach Ulcers

  • Bladder infections (especially re-occurring) 

  • Sinus problems 

  • Candida/ intentional parasites 

                 And many more…



 At BBM Wellness we are not medical doctors and are not qualified to prescribe treatments for medical disorders and/or diseases. Our holistic approach to the body however, is a great tool to use with any pre existing medical program you may be on. Our treatments have been so successful,  students of ours have been able to come off of prescription medications as suggested by their Dr. and some no longer have any signs of their pre existing illness. 


" I have the best personal trainer, Maddisen Palm.  I've been working with her for a while and every time is a new and challenging workout.   She understands my situation and plans the session accordingly.  She also has a background in nutrition and I have already lost 14lbs toward my ultimate goal.   Yay!  Thanks Maddisen for your knowledge and support in helping me reach my goals."

- Kim Leonodanakis (RWC)

"I love using the RF light therapy and the cavitation machine. My mommy belly is much better! I especially like using the light on my face. She has taken years off me I swear!"

" I had been recovering from a back injury, and she specifically worked me through several core strengthening routines.  My core has strenghtened and my back symptoms have reduced greatly.

What I especially like is the mixture of routines that work all regions of the body and keep the workouts fresh and exciting.  Rather than working one group of muscles, her routines bring together multiple muscle groups, helping my core strengthen as one unit. She has also taught me several routines that I can do in hotel gyms while on the road.

Since starting the routines, my balance has gotten better and I'm back surfing​."

- Keith F. (Belmont)

- Jennifer Ferrari (Belmont)

"Empower yourself to a new way  of living and reap the benifits in the first day. Your body knows this stuff, it is about time you catch up"

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