Sound therapy and 

Vibrational Readings

Treat yourself to the powerful experience of sound therapy. In sound therapy sessions, the use of crystal singing bowls and drums induce a powerful meditative state. In this aligned state with source, you are able to connect to your inner being and find answers to pressing questions you may have. In this state you are able to fully relax your body, unraveling your physical form, allowing in the nourishing wellness that your cells have been calling for. Sound therapy is helpful for people in many different ways: 


           Relief from stress

           Letting go of resentments

           Vibrationally aligning with a goal, intention or desire

           Relief from chronic illness

           Relief from PTSD

           Improving or adding to your meditation practice

           Increasing Positive Focus 

           Strengthening your connection/communication to your higher self

      .... and much more.





Following a sound therapy session, your body will be in a complete aligned state allowing you to powerfully focus in the positive now. It is then in your hands what you do with your new point of attraction. Will you fall back in to old patterns of thought and continue to resist life; to resist your desires? Or will you use this powerful opportunity to change old behaviors and patterns of thought to improve how you feel as you live in your day to day life. This therapy is powerful, but it is up to you to continue to expand with your desires. Life is supposed to feel good!

"Your body, mind and spirit will thank you."