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BBM Wellness


Did you know most of what is in each individual fat cells is not actually fat?  

It is toxic waste. How's that for an eye opener.


Restore your body's natural powerful ability to detox. Our body has a naturally occurring system of detoxifying, however, with daily exposure to toxins our body can not keep up. In this modern world we are constantly being bombarded with toxins, the chemicals in our air, the fluoride and lead in our water and the pesticides in our food are just the start. When our body can no longer keep up with processing these toxins, as a defense mechanism it will begin to store them in our fat cells. Once these toxins are safely stored away they become nearly impossible to get rid of. Most people have what we call “trouble zones”, areas of our body that no matter how much we diet or exercise, we just can't get rid of!

That is where light therapy comes in. Different frequencies of infrared light mixed with ultrasonic sound waves are able to penetrate your fat cells allowing the contents to be fully released. Our therapies result in a dramatic loss of inches along with powerful detoxification. The continuous release of toxins over a period of time begins to result in improved functioning of the liver, lymphatic system, thyroid and all major glands and organs. When you increase your bodies wellness on a large scale such as this, you can achieve drastic and sustainable weight loss, eliminate food cravings and have a dramatic increase in energy and vitality.






    1. Constant and or recurring fatigue, often accompanied by periods of low energy 

    2. Unusual constipation or a reduction in daily bowel movements

    3. Always feeling bloated and or experiencing excessive gas & flatulence

    4. Persistent loose stools and  or blood in your stools

    5. Joint pain that is constant or comes and goes

    6. Mood swings, unusual fits of anger or depression 

    7. Itchy, burning or discolored eyes

    8. Persistent headaches, migraines, or stiff neck

    9. Regular colds and/or flu especially ones that last longer than normal

    10. Insomnia, Trouble falling or staying asleep


Our light therapies work best in conjunction with a clean diet. When we refer to diet, we do not mean temporary fad/crash diet, we are referring to a lifestyle modification. Introducing more life giving foods on a daily basis while reducing more processed and sugary foods. Alcohol, fried foods, sugar and processed carbohydrates are taxing on the liver, we highly recommend removing these from your diet during your detox program in order for you to achieve maximum results and feel as best you can during your cleanse.


Just think, you are just a few treatments away from feeling revitalized and achieving the weight loss you have been wanting!  Allow your body to thrive, your waistline will thank you…

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