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Behavioral Help For Children

Tantrums, defiance, foul language, lying, cheating, trouble at bed time, this is just a short list of the many issues that modern day family's are facing with their children. With our busy schedules, TV, social media and electronics, family interaction are at an all time low in our country. The majority of family's in the Bay Area admit to not eating dinner together most days of the week due to a hectic lifestyle. Most people might not consider the effects that food and eating have on family dynamic and household behavior but the routine that your family practices weekly can be a major factor in your child’s development. In fact it will set into motion habits that can last your children a lifetime. Is your family lifestyle setting the example that you want your kids to learn from?

When 1000 kids were polled and asked what do you wish you could change about your parents, most parents admitted to guessing that their children would say, spend more time with them. Instead they were surprised to hear that 80% of children said, “I wish my parents wouldn't be so stressed out. I wish my parents would be happy more of the time.” Hearing that can be an eye opener to a lot of people. When we stop and reflect on how we conduct ourselves in front of our children, most of us can admit to wanting to make some changes in our behavior. Our children are like sponges, they soak up and absorb everything we are doing. It is time for us to start setting a better example.

Developing a family system that works for both kids and adults is fundamental in developing your child's self esteem and confidence, and is paramount in having a smooth running household. A lot of behavioral issues can be completely resolved by simply changing eating habits and by lessening the stress of the household. Family's work best when ran as a unit, using a structured family plan that is both effective and enjoyable is the best way to make that happen. Each family program we design is different and is tailored specifically to YOUR family's needs, making it easy to stick with. In just our first few weeks together you will begin to notice the tension lessening, your children become more level tempered and you find that your time together becomes much more enjoyable. Family bonds develop more strength and even the most chaotic of times can go by seamlessly. This is not a pipe dream, make your family the ideal family.

“How do you expect me to make time for that when I don't have enough time as it is.” You say. Our response is simple, how can you not. Take the time to invest in your family and allow your children to thrive.