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The Workout Gene

Hate exercise? Wonder why there are people in this world who would voluntarily sweat and “torture” themselves with working out? If you answered yes to these questions you may have been born without the exercise gene (relatively speaking of course).

Science has proven for years now the multiple benefits of daily exercise and the infinite health issues that could be prevented with just a little body movement. So how come most of us are not getting nearly as much exercise as our bodies are wanting? Well, science is now proving that weather you enjoy exercise or despise it, can be determined by your genetic make-up. That's right, your body was not necessarily designed to like exercise the way that gym rats do. Ok now that we know it isn't our laziness or stubbornness that prevents us from getting to the gym, how can we still get the benefits that exercising has to offer without feeling tortured or punished?

There are some solutions!

1. Partner Up. One of the best ways to pump up your enthusiasm to pump some iron is to get a buddy to join you. It is proven that people who make exercise somewhat of a “social outing” are twice as likely to stick to a routine and perhaps even enjoy it. Training with a partner helps with accountability, motivation and frankly relieving the boredom many feel in fitness settings. Finding a friend willing and able to go with you can sometimes be a challenge, thankfully there are personal trainers. 80% of the clients I see have admitted to either disliking or hating exercise, however those same clients are more likely to stick to a exercise regime compared to those who say they enjoy it. The reason, 1. by having regular personal training appointments 3x more likely to make it to the gym when you say you are. 2. By hands on learning about fitness equipment from a professional, people with personal trainers feel more confident alone in a gym setting. 3. Constant reassurance and positive inspiration ALONG with exercise releases feel good hormones in your brain causing a physical craving for more, making getting to the gym much easier.

2. Goal setting, planning and achieving. There is nothing more satisfying than making progress on or achieving a goal. It is one thing to set a goal, it is a whole different story to planning each step and watching your progress on a regular basis. Thanks to modern technology keeping track of your progress is right at your fingertips. There are numerous apps to help you follow your fitness program in a fun interactive way. BBM Wellness offers many different tools to help keep you engaged and excited about your workout regimen.

3. Blast Music. Creating a personal playlist with all your favorite tunes is a great way to get you in the grove to move. Music in itself is therapeutic and by adding your favorite “get you pumped” songs can substantially boost workout performance (and fun!) So crank the volume and get inspired to shake that thang ;)

4. Dress to Impress. Who says you can't be stylish at the gym. Sprucing up your workout gear is a great way to get yourself in a workout mood. Studies show people who buy new workout clothes on a regular basis are 2x more likely to stay committed to going to the gym. So treat yourself to something new every month (or every week!) to keep on the motivation train.

5. Reward Yourself. Rewards are a fantastic (and usually a delicious) way to keep you on the workout/diet bandwagon. Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel can take the edge off of the seemly never ending world of health and fitness. A weekly indulgence can reduce cravings and can take the “pain” out of exercising regularly. Make a pact to yourself, for example: every 3 days I workout for 30 minutes I can have one bowl of ice cream. Play around with it until you find the right reward motivation that fits your needs.

6. Get Gadgets. Getting the latest and greatest fitness gadgets can be a fun and exciting way to get you in the gym. Now days they anything you can think of to help you maximize your workout potential. Tracking your steps on devices such as Fit-bits can lead you to a rude awakening to the truth about your movement throughout the day. Not as much as you thought or you'd like? Set a goal and keep track daily on your wrist. Achieving a goal as small as walk 500 more steps today can prove to be more satisfying than you think. You have just found your perfect excuse to splurge on the new iWatch ;)

7. Lighten Up. The world of fitness doesn't have to be so serious. Just because you have decided to start making healthier choices for yourself doesn't mean it can't be fun. Start easy, no need to jump into an hour routine every day. To get started try 20 minutes a few times a week. If you miss a day, just do it the next. Remember, new routines take time to stick so be kind to yourself during your new journey and try and appreciate the decision you have mad. Make room for mistakes and “relapses” we all make them and it is all part of the life transformation we take when we decide to be well. At BBM we are all in this together.