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The Unconscious Mind and Weight Gain

Could the way you think be holding you back from the body of your dreams?

Here at BBM Wellness, we find so many people come to us who are held back by pre determined personal beliefs about their bodies.

“Ive always been overw

“Everyone in my family has weight issues, I will never be thin.”

“Ever since I hit ___ age, my metabolism stopped.”

“I haven't been able to loose weight since menopause, I know it is impossible now.”

“I have this _____ condition, and it prevents me from loosing any weight.”

“After my second child I just held on to the weight, I know how hard it is to loose after that.”

Although these statements hold some truth, there is no need for these beliefs to hold you back from the body you have always wanted. There is something much more powerful working behind the scenes preventing you from your ideal body. Did you know that your thoughts and your beliefs about your body are one of the most important factors in shaping it? Poor body image and low self esteem are a huge component in people who struggle to release unwanted weight. Consider this, you are working out with your friend but instead of being supporting and encouraging, you hear this:

“You will never look like her.”

“You won't be able to stick to this diet, it's too hard.”

“You should just give up now so you don't look like an idiot when you don't succeed.”

“Your arms are too big, and your butt is too flabby.”

“Why is it so hard for you, look at her she can do it and it is so easy for her.”

“There must be something wrong with you, why can't you loose weight, even your doctor thinks you need to. It's really awful that you can't follow your doctors advice.”

“Why are you so ugly, you shouldn't even be out in public.”

I don't know about you but I would NEVER continue to workout with someone who was treating me that way. Then why do we do it to ourselves? Some of those statements might seem a little harsh but the truth is that most people with weight issues are saying similar things to themselves all day long, usually without realizing they are doing it. Over the years It develops into a unconscious habit making those thoughts an automatic response in a lot of different situations regarding our body. No wonder it is so hard to loose weight, we have someone in our head telling us all day long that it is impossible.

Now that we know the problem how can we fix it? Being aware is the first step. Beginning to recognize what we are thinking when we are thinking it. Most of us have been thinking these thoughts for a lifetime and it can take some time to release the behavior of self criticism, so please be kind to yourself. Here at BBM Wellness we are not only training your body and teaching health solutions, but we are also retraining your brain as well. The power of positive encouragement goes a long way in re-wiring the way you think about yourself.. The tools we offer empower you to be able to shift your perspective on how you see your body and your weight. This shift is monumental in achieving your goals, not only in weight loss but for life in general.

Now it is time to ask yourself, are you ready to make the shift?